Two Navy SEALs give their Lives during Training

pushes our servicemen and woman to their physical and mental limits as it is designed to do. The branches of the military have been doing this for quite a while and they know exactly how far the human mind and body can be pushed before reaching their limitation.

The goal is to push you to your absolute limit so that they will know  that you will be able to survive and function during combat situations and extreme duress, and that you will be aware that your limitations are not as small as you thought they were.

In this case two Navy SEALs drowned practicing holding their breath underwater after they were told not to do so by the instructor. Now this may sound strange to those of you who are not familiar with the mindset of the typical commando but it does not sound strange to me. These troops are extremely competitive and I would not be surprised if they were in completion with each other.

This incident although unfortunate, should show you just how sincere and dedicated these professionals are, and their courage and tenacity. Their attitude towards being the best was extreme, but this is the mindset that we need our Special Operations troops and all other troops to have. They have to defend us against people who are equally fanatical about killing you and your loved ones.

Witnesses who saw them in the pool certified that they were holding their breath while holding onto the sides of the pool, and were both alive and well when last seen. They both probably pushed themselves too close to their limit and passed out from oxygen deprivation. This may have caused they to lose their grip and fall back into the water and drown.

Witnesses came back later and found them both at the bottom of the pool passed out.

I salute these brave warriors with this post. I am not glad that they died but I am thankful that they have such a gung ho attitude.

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