The US has Supplied some Special Troops to Assist against ISIS


be to anyone else reading this article either. We know that the purpose of US Special Forces Troops is to train the people of a country how to rise up and fight their captors.

When Indigenous forces are trained to fight they may not be strong enough to defeat the enemy which is oppressing them, but they can certainly cause some major headaches and hinder their operations. This makes the job of the actual military force doing the fighting much easier. They trained civilians become what is known as a force multiplier because they become such an asset for the war effort.

Special Forces troops can and do perform a wide variety of missions but their primary duty is to serve as trainers.

The troops in question have been deployed into Iraq, obviously to assist the indigenous Iraqi people in their struggle against ISIS. We trained the Iraqi Army but in some cases they are having a hard time fending off the Islamic state. The training of the locals may well be the exact thing needed to rapidly turn the tide of the conflict.

The primary mission of Special forces in Iraq is to assist Iraqi and Kurdish Peshmerga forces, and to conduct raids, free hostages, gather intelligence and capture ISIL leaders.”

SF trainers typically try not to get involved in direct combat. They generally accompany the indigenous force on missions and observe. they will fight if it becomes necessary. It is extremely difficult to direct the action when you are involved in the actual conflict which is the reason they don’t want to get involved in the action.

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