to add Special Warfare troops to it’s ranks. Spec Ops Troops are exactly what their name implies. they are troops specifically trained to conduct operations which are not standard, or ordinary. In other words they take care of the difficult jobs which normal troops can’t.

This realization probably occurred in 1943 when they recognized that they need a force to go in and remove obstacles prior to amphibious landings. This led to the birth of the unit now known as the Navy SEALs.

They were transformed to the unit which we recognize now in 1961 when Admiral Arleigh Burke recognized that future hostilities would require the services of a commando type unit.

Under the National Security Action Memorandum 57, “Responsibility for Paramilitary Operations” each branch of the military formed their own counter insurgency force. Our SEALs began to come into their own during the Vietnam War. They were formed from previous troops who had been frogman before their units were disbanded. Their role became what it is due to the necessity generated by the war. Since they were a nonstandard unit they were utilized for the nonstandard mission demands which wars create.

SEALs have been active in every major military engagement since then, any in many other operations which we will probably never hear about. Their mission is modified to fit every  event where they are needed. There are currently eight SEAL teams which are each specifically trained for operations in certain parts of the world or different types of military operations.

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