How Good is the Navies New Destroyer?

When you look at the ship in the photograph here it probably makes you wonder about just what is the Navy doing with their ships right now. Newer ships look absolutely harmless, and just about nothing like the older ships of WWII but they are infinitely more deadly. This thing looks more like a floating […]

B-1 Bombers have seen big use against ISIS

those of you who know me have probably realized by now. In this post I want to just give you an idea of the military value and potential of the B-1 Bomber. Let me say beforehand that the US military has equipment which is specifically developed for certain situations. We have graduated from the type […]

Should the US Support France with Troops on the Ground?

have asked the French for help and they were to arrogant to do anything for us. They have been supplying anti tank weapons to the Kurds in Iraq which has been a big help in their efforts to fight ISIS. The MILAN (Missile d’Infanterie Leger Antichar, or light infantry anti-tank missile). have been successfully deployed […]

How Involved are US Spec Ops against ISIS?

Spec Ops involvement in different locations worldwide but you can be assured that they are currently conducting multiple operations in a plethora of locations. We will never know everything that they have done on behalf of you and I and the rest of the people of this country. I am personally convinced that the primary […]

Should South Korea become more Aggressive?

control when it comes to North Korea but it may be time that they changed their image. They normally understand that the north is full of hot air and rhetoric but yet and still the time sometimes comes when force has to be met with force. One thing about nations like North Korea is that […]

Should we use Ground Troops against ISIS?

opinion on this matter the answer is heck no! ISIS is a major problem but it is a problem that the people in the countries concerned need to learn how to handle. Donald Trump wants to send troops there but as far as I am concerned he can go himself. Every battle is not for […]

The Polish are Unsure about Russian Intentions

bases in Poland and will talk to European Union partners about including Poland in Ukraine peace talks. His desire is to increase Poland’s security and strengthen its international position. He vowed “corrections” in foreign policy, “sometimes deep ones.” He sees the writing on the wall from rcent Soviet moves in the area and worldwide.… His […]