How Good is the Navy’s new Submarine Hunter?

service because of the nature of the job. It requires secrecy because stealth is the biggest asset that a submarine possesses. They are difficult to locate because they remain hidden most of the time beneath the depths of the ocean. The ocean is so vast that even if they were not stealthy at all locating […]

The Evolution of Navy Special Warfare

to add Special Warfare troops to it’s ranks. Spec Ops Troops are exactly what their name implies. they are troops specifically trained to conduct operations which are not standard, or ordinary. In other words they take care of the difficult jobs which normal troops can’t. This realization probably occurred in 1943 when they recognized that […]

Russia has Just Upper the War Ante

by restoring Russia to the status of super power and hopefully making her the number one super power in the world. Their latest bid ended the Cold War and caused them to bankrupt their economy. He is a driven power hungry egomaniac who will stop at nothing to see that he gets his way. He […]