The Phillipines start to Gear up for Chinese Aggression

expansion and aggression in the area by requesting additional military equipment from the United States and South Korea. I know that they have recently received Naval equipment from the US and have secured fighter planes from South Korea. Their military has traditionally been underfunded which leaves them very much dependent on US assistance. They have […]

Electricity will be used to cause RAP Rounds to Fly Farther

round has been in use for quite a while. This is a projectile or howitzer shell which has a small rocket motor in it’s base which engages during its flight and extends the distance that it travels. This is advantageous because it increases the distance at which our artillery can engage enemy forces. Artillery units […]

B-1 Bombers have seen big use against ISIS

those of you who know me have probably realized by now. In this post I want to just give you an idea of the military value and potential of the B-1 Bomber. Let me say beforehand that the US military has equipment which is specifically developed for certain situations. We have graduated from the type […]

Two Navy SEALs give their Lives during Training

pushes our servicemen and woman to their physical and mental limits as it is designed to do. The branches of the military have been doing this for quite a while and they know exactly how far the human mind and body can be pushed before reaching their limitation. The goal is to push you to […]

Will there be Female SEALs Soon?

that the Navy is poised to let women become members of the elite SEAL teams if they meet the same non-gender-specific established training and entry standards, according to a news report. Greenert added that the special warfare community conducted a rigorous objective analysis of the training and entry standards for the SEALs, finding that the standards were […]

Should South Korea become more Aggressive?

control when it comes to North Korea but it may be time that they changed their image. They normally understand that the north is full of hot air and rhetoric but yet and still the time sometimes comes when force has to be met with force. One thing about nations like North Korea is that […]