Should Women be Required to Register for the Draft


male or female should be required to register for the draft. I also believe that every American should be required to undergo military training and assigned a role in the ready reserve whether he or she serves on active duty or not. Now that is my ideal. I don’t know what it would cost, or if it would even be a feasible option.

I believe that every man and woman has an obligation to be ready to serve this country in time of crisis. I believe that this should apply to the rich as well as the poor and socially disadvantaged. I don’t agree with the 1981 Supreme Court document which excluded women from registering for the draft. I, do believe that women should be given the option of being excluded from serving in front line combat units, but they should be required to serve in combat support units.

Now please understand me when I say this. Women and men should serve in separate units as much as possible because I have seen what happens when they are placed together in units. Fraternization always occurs, which is not good at all for unit morale. I have seen many high level leaders fall because they gave in to the desire to enter into an adulterous affair with a co worker. I have seen units torn apart because of obvious favoritism shown to the prettiest woman in the unit by male leaders. The best way to prevent this, in my opinion is to keep the sexes separate.

Currently, only male United States residents between ages 18 and 26 are required to register for the military draft.

The issue of whether women should be eligible for the draft has re surged because of the fact that the military is now opening many combat jobs to females. The basis of the first Supreme Court ruling was that the draft was required to identify people to replace combat troops lost in battle. This made no sense to me because women could have been drafted to serve in support units to free available males to be utilized as combat troops.

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