Should the US Support France with Troops on the Ground?

Mideast Iraq Islamic State

have asked the French for help and they were to arrogant to do anything for us. They have been supplying anti tank weapons to the Kurds in Iraq which has been a big help in their efforts to fight ISIS. The MILAN (Missile d’Infanterie Leger Antichar, or light infantry anti-tank missile). have been successfully deployed and are giving the Kurds an edge in the fighting. They have been utilized to thwart many different vehicle suicide attacks.

The US have also been supplying antitank weapons to assist in the effort. These weapons are the right equipment to use against the suicide attack tactics of ISIS. They use regular vehicles in order to do so so nothing heavier is necessary.

US airstrikes have ben the mainstay of offensive actions in the area but the Milan has certainly been the perfect compliment to the action.

I would feel much better if the French and several other nations would take more of a hand in assisting the Iraqi forces in securing their homeland from the enemy. the French have been notoriously slow at taking a hand in any conflict when the US has asked for their assistance. As far as I am concerned the equipment which they are providing is just a drop in the bucket compared to what they should be willing to do.

I don’t know if ISIS will ever be completely defeated in the region. If they are it will be due to a loss of interest rather than a lack of manpower. Due to the fact that because this conflict is motivated by religion I doubt if the motivation of the participants will ever grow weak.

Ground troops would be the ultimate compliment to this action, and I am sure that US forces would quickly turn the tide of the battle to our favor. The French have ground forces also so it would be well if they used theirs.

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