Selecting the Right Aircraft Maintenance Software Applications

Aircraft maintenance software has evolved dramatically over the past few years. In fact, some software development companies are advancing their technologies when it comes to building aircraft maintenance at a rapid pace. Here are some considerations that you should check out for when looking for the most credible software.

Maintenance tracking

Maintenance tracking is a very integral part when it comes to choosing a product that will allow you track your aircraft’s condition efficiently. However, maintenance is not all that your organization should focus on when looking for maintenance software because there are other needs.

Electronic signatures

Check with the FSDO of your locality for more information before implementing electronic signatures in your aircraft maintenance operations. You may be required to comply with password protection and traceability so as to avoid fraudulent entries when using these desirable signatures.

Wireless software

One possibility with new aviation software is the possibility of using the application in a wireless environment. You can use PDA units or laptops when it comes to using wireless devices that have stable internet connectivity. You ought to weigh your options about the wireless applications because you might be using them in the adverse conditions on the flight line or in the hangar. The aviation management software used in ragged environments should have a sturdy hardware to avoid damages or breakages.


Regardless of whether the aircraft management software is complex or not you should ask the merchant about the training offered. You can only be able to optimally utilize the functions of a new software application if you understand how it works. The more the time you spend on training your maintenance personnel on the new aircraft maintenance software the faster the transition. There has to be a learning curve when the software is implemented for the first time.

Legacy systems

Most developers have some legacy maintenance software system in place, and thus you need to consider whether the product will integrate well with your legacy system or you’ll need to migrate all the information into the new system. Invest in a solution that is capable of pulling the existing information because you don’t want the investment you made in another solution a few years ago to go to waste or waste time migrating the information.

Suits your needs

Most salespeople can easily lure you into getting a product that doesn’t probably deliver on the promises he or she makes about top-notch performance. You should analyze all your needs, available budget, complexity of the application, and the availability of the necessary support before selecting what satisfies your needs fully.

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