The Phillipines start to Gear up for Chinese Aggression

expansion and aggression in the area by requesting additional military equipment from the United States and South Korea. I know that they have recently received Naval equipment from the US and have secured fighter planes from South Korea. Their military has traditionally been underfunded which leaves them very much dependent on US assistance. They have […]

Should Women be Required to Register for the Draft

male or female should be required to register for the draft. I also believe that every American should be required to undergo military training and assigned a role in the ready reserve whether he or she serves on active duty or not. Now that is my ideal. I don’t know what it would cost, or […]

Electricity will be used to cause RAP Rounds to Fly Farther

round has been in use for quite a while. This is a projectile or howitzer shell which has a small rocket motor in it’s base which engages during its flight and extends the distance that it travels. This is advantageous because it increases the distance at which our artillery can engage enemy forces. Artillery units […]

Should the US Support France with Troops on the Ground?

have asked the French for help and they were to arrogant to do anything for us. They have been supplying anti tank weapons to the Kurds in Iraq which has been a big help in their efforts to fight ISIS. The MILAN (Missile d’Infanterie Leger Antichar, or light infantry anti-tank missile). have been successfully deployed […]

Russia helps Syria Fight ISIS

away anytime soon is at all. The Islamic State has really existed for a very long time under different names, but with an agenda that has been about the same across the board. they have grown in sophistication, skill, and knowledge which makes it all the more difficult to defeat them on the battlefield. They […]

Where were most Guantanamo detainees Captured?

prisoners who were detained in Guantanamo Bay were actually not captured by US troops. I was under the personal impression that many had been captured by Special Operations troops in snatch type operations but this is not the case. It seems that for some apparent reason our capturing of the vast majority of the detainees […]

Russia Unveils its Version of the Stealth Fighter

technology then mass producing our equipment in a cheaper version. Their strategy for victory is to use overwhelming numbers of weapons to overrun their opponent. The US strategy is to use superior tactics, training, and equipment to win. The key to US military victory rest on synchronization of all of the available forces on the […]

Are there Unique Stresses on Military Children?

in the extended family also. I believe that the best thing that can happen in the life of a child is to grow up around an extended family and in doing so to experience the love associated with belonging to such a unit. Military life is hard on the service members. It’s hard on the spouses. And […]

The US will Increase its use of Drones

drone flights will be increased by 50 percent in the years to come but I personally believe that they are downplaying the number. Drones have been found to be beneficial for many different uses. They are good for military applications, law enforcement, and other civilian uses. I believe that they are playing a major role […]

ISIS Engages in Criminal Acts

forced to have sex with Abu Bakr Baghdadi who led ISIS while she was in captivity. “They told us that he married her, and we all understand what that means,” Carl Mueller, Kayla’s father, told The Associated Press recently. Of course we know that this was the excuse that he made in order to justify […]