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  in a word I believe that they should. Spec Ops troops are trained specifically for nonstandard circumstances and hostage rescue is normally one of those occasions. We have to keep in mind that they are not policemen byt soldiers and they operate differently from cops. They have been effective in doing so in the […]

 There are some who will say that the US Navy SEALS are the premier commandos in the entire world. I don’t know if they are or not but I know that it is impossible to beat them at what they do. Our SEALs are extremely intelligent and as tough as any commando anywhere. They as […]

Order a Spec Ops Insignia Ring

August 27th, 2014

   There are some sort of Special Operations Troops in each branch of the military and they all have completely different functions strengths and weaknesses. These troops are employed by the commander of whatever force is operating in an area according to the mission that he needs to accomplish. One thing that they all have […]

Like all soldiers, SF candidates begin their career with nine weeks of Boot Camp. Boot Camp simply drills each and every soldier in the basic skills needed to be in the Army. It is the same for Special Forces candidates, or even those who will go to non combat jobs. Upon completion of Basic Combat […]

   The emblem that you see here is one of several that our Special Forces Troops have an opportunity to choose from when they choose to Order a Special Forces Insignia Ring. The Special Forces Tab that you see here is awarded to soldiers who complete one of the Special Forces Qualification Courses. Whenever a […]

Order a Ranger Insignia Ring

August 25th, 2014

      The life of an Army Ranger is different from the life of a conventional infantry troop in a number of ways. Ranger units train much harder than conventional units and the tactics that they learn are for conducting a style of warfare that is slightly different also. Ranger type units can be […]

Use our custom designs to Order an Airborne Insignia Ring regardless of the airborne unit which you may have been assigned to during your military career. Most troops who complete this training end up assigned to an Airborne unit such as the 82nd or Italy. Most of the rest of them end up in special […]

   These parachutes represent the soldier who has completed the required military training to qualify as a parachutist able to do the basic static line jump from a low flying airplane. There are other types of airborne training available but this insignia is worn by all until they have reached the coveted jump masters level […]

 There are a wide range of Veterans in the United States so that when you attempt to Order a Veteran’s Insignia Ring you have many choices that you should consider. There are considerations according to where the Veteran served, the length of time that he or she was in service, the job that they performed […]

Order a Ranger Graduation Ring

August 19th, 2014

 US Army Ranger training is one of the toughest commando training programs in the world. the Ranger faces a test of physical and mental endurance that lasts for months before he graduates. It is designed to be tough because the Army needs a commando who can do the impossible without fail. The tern Ranger denotes […]

  United States Special Operations troops are forming elite counterterrorism units in four countries in North and West Africa that American officials say are pivotal in the widening war against Al Qaeda’s affiliates and associates on the continent, even as they acknowledge the difficulties of working with weak allies. Us training has been instrumental and invaluable […]

  Smoke is used on the military battlefield for a variety of different reasons. The main reason is to conceal the identity of friendly troops so they they can move undetected to either make contact with the enemy or to move away without being lit up by fire. There are advantages and disadvantages to using […]

  There are very few people who ae aware of the job that our Special Operations Troops perform other than other operators. Most times their wives and families will not know where the military has sent them or what they are doing there. There have been many incidents that I am aware of where family […]

  Any man or woman who has endured the rigorous training regimen of the United States Marine Corps knows that he or she is considered to be a Marine for life. I have to state that I know many people who have once been a part of the Corps and I can truly say that […]

 If you are one of the fortunate few who have served in the US Navy at one time or another you are one of the best trained troops in the world.  Our Navy is one of the largest in the world but the advantage that they have on all others is that the troops are […]