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 There are a wide range of Veterans in the United States so that when you attempt to Order a Veteran’s Insignia Ring you have many choices that you should consider. There are considerations according to where the Veteran served, the length of time that he or she was in service, the job that they performed […]

Order a Ranger Graduation Ring

August 19th, 2014

 US Army Ranger training is one of the toughest commando training programs in the world. the Ranger faces a test of physical and mental endurance that lasts for months before he graduates. It is designed to be tough because the Army needs a commando who can do the impossible without fail. The tern Ranger denotes […]

  United States Special Operations troops are forming elite counterterrorism units in four countries in North and West Africa that American officials say are pivotal in the widening war against Al Qaeda’s affiliates and associates on the continent, even as they acknowledge the difficulties of working with weak allies. Us training has been instrumental and invaluable […]

  Smoke is used on the military battlefield for a variety of different reasons. The main reason is to conceal the identity of friendly troops so they they can move undetected to either make contact with the enemy or to move away without being lit up by fire. There are advantages and disadvantages to using […]

  There are very few people who ae aware of the job that our Special Operations Troops perform other than other operators. Most times their wives and families will not know where the military has sent them or what they are doing there. There have been many incidents that I am aware of where family […]

  Any man or woman who has endured the rigorous training regimen of the United States Marine Corps knows that he or she is considered to be a Marine for life. I have to state that I know many people who have once been a part of the Corps and I can truly say that […]

 If you are one of the fortunate few who have served in the US Navy at one time or another you are one of the best trained troops in the world.  Our Navy is one of the largest in the world but the advantage that they have on all others is that the troops are […]

  I myself am a US Army Vet and I know firsthand that the Army Veteran has had one of the most unique experiences that any man or woman in the world has had. I guarantee that I have done things, been places, and had experiences both good and bad that most people will never […]

  There is so much that we can contribute to the job that our military veterans have done that the creation of a Veteran’s Military Ring just won’t cover it all. If you are a veteran or has a loved one who is and need to know Where to Buy a Veteran’s Ring you can […]

  Lawmakers have recently moved to tighten congressional control over U.S. Special Operations Command’s new Iron Man Battle Suit by expressing concerns that program officials are already mishandling the complex effort. SOCOM recently launched a new website to promote its vision of elite commandos outfitted in futuristic, battle suits like those depicted in Hollywood blockbusters such as Marvel’s […]

  I have always like Special Operations troops deserved the right to wear unigorm items which are distivctive and set them apart from regular ground and combat units. I don’t believe however that troops of different spec ops units should be authorized to wear different clothing. For example all Special Forces troops should be able […]

  Paratroopers posses a skill which must be constantly honed because it they don’t get the opportunity to train it will quickly erode. If the trooper does not exit the aircraft and land properly he or she will more than likely be injured and/or cause great bodily harm to themselves or others. US paratroopers habitually […]

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