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  If you are looking to buy an Army Retirement Ring Online we feel as though we are able to help you. We have spent many years and hours of time compiling and creating new designs for you to choose from. your new custom retirement ring should be a monument to every thing that you […]

A Military Service Ring is a military ring that you can purchase or create to display the things that you did or the places where you went during the time of your service in any branch of the military or any form of federal or local government. If you are looking to buy a military […]

 If you are looking to buy an Air Force Ring online we are the place. We offer custom Air Force designs which may be used to create your new ring. Many of our customers will purchase them as a gift for a friend or loved one who has served or is currently serving. These rings […]

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Purchasing a Military Ring online is actually not a difficult proposition. there are hundreds of web sites that offer military rings and there are a fair amount of them that actually offer good quality rings. A query will take you to many different ring order sites where you will be able to find a variety […]

 There is a vast selection of military rings to be had on the internet. You can find just about every shape, style, size, and design available. The one thing that you have to be careful about is the actual quality of the item that you will be getting. I always tell our customers to look […]

US Army Rings for Sale

October 9th, 2013

There are many places to purchase US Army rings and there are many different choices that you as the consumer can make based on the size, quality, and the customization of the ring that you choose to create or order. There are many aspects to serving in the Army and we attempt to give you […]

 A resurgence of violence and a renewed threat from al-Qaida have recently revived flagging U.S. interest in Iraq, officials said as Baghdad asked for new help to fight extremists less than two years after it forced American troops to withdraw. Now the question arises of whether or not we should send help and as far […]

Vintage Military Rings for Sale

September 15th, 2013

Click the following link in order to order a vintage military ring. Vintage Military Rings for Sale If you have any problems navigating through our web site or if you have remaining questions please don’t hesitate to call us at 912-877-4734 and we will be more than happy to answer your calls. We are prior service […]

  I am so grateful that there will be a memorial site established for disabled veterans. Most people don’t realize that the military lifestyle is so grueling that it is stressful on the human body. Most military veterans that I know have a variety of medical problems even if they have never been involved in […]

 The purpose of a military service ring is for you to be able to display to those who see it exactly what you did while you served in the military. You can create a military service ring regardless of the branch of the military that you served in and the job that you did or […]

My definition of a commemorative military ring is a ring that is used to commemorate or immortalize a place, person, or event. Our military ring customers will often produce custom military rings to tell the story of the time that they spent in the service of their country. The allowance of customization allows our customers […]

The U.S. Army has shifted its focus to the Pacific, but the service now has a plan to support its NATO allies with rapid-deployment forces based in the United States if necessary, Chief of Staff Gen. Ray Odierno said Wednesday. Rapid Deployment forces have worked quite well in past deployments and the science of getting […]

The United States Marines remain one of the best fighting units in the world. They are built for speed and action. They can rapidly deploy to anywhere in the world where they can very quickly conduct combat operations of a significant size and scope. Many of our Marines will opt to choose the 14 kt […]

  I have been on just about every military ring web site on the internet. I have seen many different sizes, styles, colors, metals, and designs. Some of them are pretty bizarre but I personally believe that a military ring should have a more stately traditional look. The ring is representative of the country that […]