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  We hope that you take advantage of all of our experience when you are prepared to purchase your new Marine Corps Ring and call us. When you do just let us know that you are looking for Advice for Buying a Marine Corps Ring. We can give you a tremendous advantage by utilizing our […]

If you are in the market for buying or purchasing a US Air Force Ring here is some good advice to help you get through the process. First of all we are here to help you because we know the value that you place on this product. We are prior service military people and we […]

If you are thinking about Buying a US Navy Ring and need some advice about doing it we can help you based on our years of experience. The most important thing that you need to do is to take some time before you even look at the first ring design and decide the story that […]

Advice for Buying an Army Ring

October 20th, 2014

If you are Buying an Army Ring for yourself the very best advice that I can give you is to take time before you order and browse through all of the designs available and consider your options. Take the time to decide what you want your ring to show then write it down on paper. […]

Here is some Advice for Buying a Military Ring based on the many, many years of customer service that we have had. The majority of our customers seem to know exactly what they want when they order a new ring. A problem sometimes occuse when they want a ring but have not reviewed all of […]

  There are different types of training schools for military pilots because the missions that they may have to fly will be different  reasons. Most Air Force pilots will fly a wide variety of missions so they will train differently. They will conduct strategic bombing campaigns along with strategic logistics to include mass troop movements, […]

 Naval Aviators are used for combat type roles for the most part but there are always roles which need to be filled other than active flying roles. Aviators are either warrant officers or commissioned officers and have to undergo very specialized training. Military aviation is different from civilian aviation in that military aviators are trained […]

   The Army Aviator is usually a Helicopter pilot. The Army Aviation School is located in Fort Rucker Alabama and every aspiring aviator has to pass through it It begins with many hours of classroom instruction  in which the Aviator must learn all aspects of the aircraft which he or she she is to fly. […]

US Special Forces Rings

October 15th, 2014

  I have more respect for our Special Forces Troops than I have for other Spec ops troops simply because being a special forces Operator requires a ton of brains as well as the same amount of brawn to match. Special Forces troops each have to be fluent in two different languages. They also have […]

 This Coast Guard Ring has a stone in the center and gives our Military Ring customers even more options to consider when they purchase a new custom military ring. Are you Looking to buy a Coast Guard Ring? There is some custom work that you can add such as names and dates but creating this […]

   If you are looking to purchase or buy a USMC Military Ring we have done just about everything possible to have a product for you. There are several different styles of Marine Corps Rings for Men that you can choose from and they are all popular. We have two different styles of military ring […]

 If you are looking to buy an Air Force Ring the example that you see here is just one of the many different styles of air Force Rings that we offer. We have attempted to accommodate every possible type of customer.  Some of our customers are looking to build a custom ring that will tell […]

 If you are looking to purchase a military ring for your own use or as a gift we have the best selection for you to choose from. Military rings are appropriate to commemorate service in every branch of government and include agencies such as the DEA, the FBI, and the US Border Patrol. We are […]

  We sell more US Army Military Rings than those for all other services simply because the Army is the largest branch of the military. If you have served and want the ring for yourself than it is possible to either create the ring from scratch or use some of the other styles that we […]

USMC Rings for Women

October 10th, 2014

  This is the more traditional style of Marine Corps Ring for the Ladies who want to show the world that they served in the Marine Corps. This is a stylish classy feminine ring style that will get attention each time that you wear it. You may decide to design it for a number of […]