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  I have always like Special Operations troops deserved the right to wear unigorm items which are distivctive and set them apart from regular ground and combat units. I don’t believe however that troops of different spec ops units should be authorized to wear different clothing. For example all Special Forces troops should be able […]

  You know that it is ironic that military troops in order to ensure freedom and democracy live in a system that is socialistic at best. It can get worse but it normally is a socialistic system. The military is a very large and unweildy organization in that it is difficult to rapidly institute change […]

   Does the United  States condone torture openly? The answer to that question is no. Do they secretly condone torture?  My answer to that is that I don’t know but I believe that in certain situations that they do. Do they produce situations which sometimes pressure people who wouldn’t otherwise use such techniques to ise […]

The United States Armed Forces[N 1] are the military forces of the United States of America. They consist of the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, and Coast Guard.[6] The U.S. has a strong… This video IS NOT the property of Military Ring Information. Please visit our web site to place your order at Design […]

Salute To Heroes Newspaper Presents! Tesla Recruits U S Military Veterans To Build Electric Cars In California The US Military is the BEST… This video IS NOT the property of Military Ring Information. Please visit our web site to place your order at

    One thing that I know from experience is that combat troops form a close knit group of individuals and will cover for each other in tight circumstances. Enlisted troops have a bond and don’t generally want to associate with officers or disclose information because the officer corps of the military is the real authority […]

   We as a country are giving the Chinese one of the greatest opportunities that they could ever imagine militarily in that in this post war time we are gutting our military by slashing spending. They have always been smart about the way that they modernize their forces by choosing to steal US technology after […]

   These are images of the very confused young soldier who cost the United States so much anguish because of the hundreds of thousands of classified documents that he (or she) provided to wikileaks. Pvt Manning claimed that he acted as a whistle blower in order to expose wrongdoing on the part of the United […]

  The united States pushed as hard as they possibly could have when they had forces in Afghanistan to get the Pakistani Military to take more positive action against the insurgents who operated from their border regions. The insurgents would make deadly attacks against US and NATO forces in Afghanistan then creep back across the […]

Arts & Entertainment – U.S. Marines with Easy Company, Black Sea Rotational Force 13 take a test to earn their black belts in the Marine Corps Martial… This video IS NOT the property of Military Ring Information. Please visit our web site to place your order at

Footage of 86th Airlift Wing C-130s landing on a grass strip in Poland. Video by Senior Airman Marvin Wigfall | 86th Airlift Wing AiirSource℠ covers military events and missions from… This video IS NOT the property of Military Ring Information. Please visit our web site to place your order at

  If our troops in Iraq and other countries have desecrated the bodies of enemy combatives at any time it is reprehensible and they should be punished. Terrorists and their friends will cry bloody murder if they think that we for one second have done anything like this but let us keep in mind that […]

  Paratroopers posses a skill which must be constantly honed because it they don’t get the opportunity to train it will quickly erode. If the trooper does not exit the aircraft and land properly he or she will more than likely be injured and/or cause great bodily harm to themselves or others. US paratroopers habitually […]

   My sentiments are mixed on this one for several reasons. First of all I know the sensitive nature of CIA and clandestine operations. A piece of information that might seem to be innocent may in fact be very crucial to another event at another place and time. We have to be very careful about […]

 Japan is seeking US support at a time of record Chinese military spending and concern over North Korea’s nuclear weapons program. This is a good move considering the direction that history is heading in the South China Sea area.  Both China and North Korea remain problems and it is certain that they will not cease […]