China continues their Aggression in the South China Sea

stir up trouble” in the disputed South China Sea, while they have been aggressively pursuing the additional resources available in that region. We have talked about their latest campaign of building islands in the middle of the sea in order to claim them as their sovereign territory. China’s has maintained the claim that the reason […]

An Overview of the 75th Ranger Regiment

respond rapidly to any type of military or national security contingency anywhere in the world. Keep in mind that these are Special Operations troops so they conduct special missions. The US Army has rapid deployment conventional troops whose job is to respond to conventional situations. The 75th Regiment is headquartered in Fort Benning Georgia but […]

The US Army is Actually Older than the United States – See more at:

4, 1776, but the Army is actually the country’s “big brother.” Which makes sense, considering the Continental Army of 1775 — led by future President George Washington — needed to start beating the British in the colonies so Thomas Jefferson could finally get some time to write. Even though the US Army started off as a rag tag […]