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   The US Navy has recently placed a 30-kilowatt solid-state laser aboard the USS Ponce which it is now firing in operational scenarios by sailors in the Persian Gulf, marking the first-ever deployment of a sea-based directed energy weapon. “We’ve tested it in the lab we’ve tested it operationally at sea. Now, we are not […]

   The fact that al Qaeda or any other terrorist organization will take a knife and saw off a hostages head then blame it on the President of the US is just about the biggest bunch of bull that I have ever heard in my life. The reason that those hostages were killed is because […]

    After the information about the torture of terrorists by the CIA has leaked out the uS has braced itself against all negative repercussions as indeed it should but I question the ability of the terrorist organizations of the world to be able to mount a successful retaliation. It would be sheer negligence to […]

  Bell Boeing recently test fired laser-guided rockets from the V-22 Osprey  Aircraft in a series of mock combat demonstrations at Yuma Proving Grounds, Ariz., showing for the first time that the tiltrotor aircraft can be used for offensive missile and rocket attacks. Now I personally don’t feel that we need to attempt too much […]

  Now if I were to speak personally about this from the heart I would say none at all, but since i have to look at the big picture i say that we have obligated ourselves as a nation to insure that the new Iraqi governemnt does not fail. We should give them the minimum […]

  After Navy SEALs killed Osama bin laden in Pakistan in May 2011, top CIA officials secretly told lawmakers that information gleaned from brutal interrogations played a key role in what was one of the spy agency’s greatest successes. Then-CIA Director Leon Panetta repeated that assertion in public, and it found its way into a […]

  As a former troop I would have to say that there is no way that Iraqi Security Forces can exist without getting better. Lets remember that they were trained by our military which is the greatest military in the world and after all of the time that we have been there they are adapting […]

  Robert O’Neill ,  who says he fired the shots that killed Osama bin Laden, played a role in some of the most consequential combat missions of the post-9/11 era, including three depicted in Hollywood movies. And now he’s telling the world about them. Mr O’Neill can say what he wants but I really believe that his motive for […]

   China has increased its defense spending dramatically in the last decade to $131 billion this year, according to its official statements, placing it second only to the United States in its military spending. Now of course it is their money and they can spend it however they choose but we need to remain cognizant […]

   Officials at the Ranger School in Fort Benning Georgia have already completed the task of choosing the first females to serve as observers and advisers for a potential Ranger Course Assesment. I am sure that these women will undergo all of the rigors that the course calls for because they know that Rangers need […]

A New Danger in Social Media Use

December 15th, 2014

    The FBI and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) bolstered a warning issued earlier by the Pentagon to troops and their families to be careful in their use of social media to avoid becoming a target for ISIS, Pentagon officials said Monday. There is no doubt in my mind that ISIS and other […]

  Pilots have to have many special skills which enable them to fly aircfart successfully in many of the different situations and circumstances that they will sometimes find themselves in. They must have superior eyesight, reflexes, judgment, and hand eye coordination since they typically have to react in milliseconds. they also need to have a […]

US Troops Free Hostages in Yemen

December 12th, 2014

  US Special Operations Troops perform many different missions during their tenure in service that the average person never hears about at all. They never seek attention or press for what they do because they believe that it is their job. One such recent mission occurred when U.S. Special Operations Troops freed eight hostages held by […]

  The Islamic State group is employing multiple tactics to subdue the Sunni Muslim tribes in Syria and Iraq under its rule, wooing some with gifts — everything from cars to feed for their animals — while brutally suppressing those that resist with mass killings. The result is that the extremists face little immediate threat […]

  Troop advocates led by the powerful Military Officers Association of America are pressing key senators to reconsider controversial budget proposals that would cut military pay and benefits. However the judgemant has been rendered and the military did not fare well at all when it comes to the next round of budget cuts. If I […]