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Custom US Navy Military Rings

September 29th, 2014

  Custom US Military Rings are available in all branches of the military and for every possible job which you could have held while you served in the military. The advantage of owning a custom ring is that you get the opportunity to build it from the ground up. you add the custom work that […]

  I personally think that one of the best things that the Army could do would be to integrate training between Spec Ops and regular infantry troops. this would raise the level of expertise of the infantry and help both sides to see things from the perspective of the other. The head of U.S. Special […]

  I hope Americans realize that we are caught in a dilemma that probably will not end anytime in the near future with the terrorist situation overseas. Conservatives pushed back Thursday against President Barack Obama’s contention that the United States can stabilize Iraq without committing U.S. troops to a ground combat role in the country. […]

  Russia will counter military moves by the U.S. and NATO with an array of new nuclear and conventional weapons, recently according to Russian President Putin. I have noticed over the term of his presidency that he has ambitions of restoring Russia to its former glory. he has pulled every possible string to remain in […]

How will we Deal with Isis?

September 23rd, 2014

  We as a nation and the rest of the world stand at a turning point which is a slippery slope when it comes to dealing with terrorists. After seeing the emergence of ISIS it is obvious to me that terror organizations will remain a problem for quite a while to come. This is not […]

  Times have changed as far as military involvement goes and the military will have to adapt to the changing times as it always does. The last decade has been focused on fighting an unconventional war against a smaller unpredictable but sophisticated enemy who is adept at using different tactics in order to get his […]

Is Navy Morale Low?

September 17th, 2014

   There are reports of US Navy Morale being low which may be true but troop morale is in a constant state of flux and the problems that our military faces today are normally something which is easily fixed. According to a U.S. Navy retention survey sailors are increasingly unhappy with lengthy deployments, a high operational […]

  There are many questions on the circumstances surrounding the disappearance of American former POW Bowe Bergdahl which until recently were unanswered. Many say that he deserted his post in Afghanistan and as such should not have been rescued or that because of this charges should have been brought against him. My opinion is of […]

  The Navy and Raytheon recently test-fired a Standard Missile-6 against a low-flying subsonic cruise missile target over land  at White Sands Missile Range, N.M. recently. “The test was the Navy’s attempt to demonstrate an intercept of a subsonic, low-altitude target over land, and it did just that,” said CMDR. Sidney Hodgson, deputy program manager for […]

Are we going back to the Cold War?

September 15th, 2014

   NATO leaders plan to position more troops and military equipment in Eastern Europe, establishing a rapid response force aimed at easing anxiety among member states near Russia’s border and deterring the Kremlin against replicating its provocations in Ukraine elsewhere in the region. The announcement will come against the backdrop of peace talks involving Russia […]

  Wary of putting combat troops in Iraq, the U.S. government is gauging contractors’ interest in advising the Iraqi Defense Ministry and Counter Terrorism Service in a range of capacities, including force development, logistics and planning and operations. I personally believe that this is the best way to go for many different reasons. The first […]

  I don’t know the full story behind the US swap of american Bowe Bergdahl but there is much dissent about whether it was the right action or not. Now I now that if I were Bowe I would be forever grateful to my country for saving my butt because we all know that terrorists […]

  in a word I believe that they should. Spec Ops troops are trained specifically for nonstandard circumstances and hostage rescue is normally one of those occasions. We have to keep in mind that they are not policemen byt soldiers and they operate differently from cops. They have been effective in doing so in the […]

Order a Navy Insignia Ring

August 21st, 2014

 Order a US Navy Insignia Ring These rings are for people to see and know that you served your country and you did so proudly. The military and the troops who put their lives in harms way for us have never gotten the recognition that they deserve. When people see your new US Navy insignia ring they […]

  United States Special Operations troops are forming elite counterterrorism units in four countries in North and West Africa that American officials say are pivotal in the widening war against Al Qaeda’s affiliates and associates on the continent, even as they acknowledge the difficulties of working with weak allies. Us training has been instrumental and invaluable […]