B-1 Bombers have seen big use against ISIS


those of you who know me have probably realized by now. In this post I want to just give you an idea of the military value and potential of the B-1 Bomber. Let me say beforehand that the US military has equipment which is specifically developed for certain situations. We have graduated from the type of warfare where we would go in and just bomb everything in hopes of taking out whatever enemy troops happened to be there into a warfare which is so  surgical that we can eliminate one or two selected individuals at a time.

Our bombers are extremely effective but troops are needed to finish any battle and to root out all resistance on the ground. This is where the people who inhabit the territories which ISIS is attempting to overtake come  into play. Our Special Forces have been working with  indigenous people in every instance to train them to fight their own battles. Our special Operations troops accompanied by our bombers have combined to exact a terrible toll on ISIS.

We never actually see the action so it is difficult to have an appreciation for what they do, but we have dropped many thousands of bombs and I am sure that we have taken out countless of hundreds of thousands of ISIS fighters.

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