Afghan Prisoners are Freed

operation recently freed about 40 Afghan troops from a Taliban prison in Helmand Province. this does not seem to be significant on the surface but upon further examination the wisdom of this operation becomes apparent. The Afghan  Security Forces needed a de facto victory to help to boost their confidence and morale.

A prison rescue is always a good morale builder because it lets the troops know that if they do happen to be captured they will not be forgotten. Soldiers are more willing to fight and make sacrifices when they know  that their country is standing behind them.

On the other hand this operation should also demoralize the Taliban. Prisons are normally located in secure areas. The fact that Afghan troops could get in and rescue prisoners should cause them to have second thoughts about their own security.

US Special Forces would have instrumental in planning the operation and training the Afghan forces to be able to carry it out. They would have been located in strategic places in order to help to carry out the operation. A few would have accompanied the main force as advisors to help direct the action if the Afghan leadership ran into problems. There were probably other Special forces troops monitoring communications, and assisting and advising the units which supported the raid.

Hopefully Afghan Security Forces will become trained enough to be able to conduct this and other types of operations without any US help at all.

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