5 Web Hosting Pitfalls You Should Avoid

New and growing businesses make web design mistakes as they launch their online presence. A website is essential in gaining and retaining clients, enhancing relationships with clients, and establishing credibility. Every business needs to avoid these web hosting mistakes whether they are launching a new website or they already have an existing website.

1. Missing H1 tags on the home page

Imagine the experience your web visitors go through when they visit a website that has an elaborate color scheme, attractive background picture, and an appealing font. Your visitors will feel like they are walking in a beautiful garden as they are browsing through such a website. Unfortunately, most businesses fail to incorporate an H1 tag, which explains why visitors cannot find their sites in search engines. Visitors will first look out for the H1 tag to know what the webpage is about before visiting it.

2. Large media files and images

Amazing imagery adds beauty to your website. However, you should not make the mistake of incorporating large videos and pictures because they reduce the web speed, which lowers rankings. Besides, some search engines reward websites that load quickly; thus, you might be missing out on such rewards. Web hosting services scan websites to check out for large images and videos so that you don’t make this costly mistake.

3. Your website is not mobile friendly

Some businesses still make the web hosting mistake of designing and developing a website that is not mobile friendly. You don’t want to develop a webpage that cannot be used on different types of mobile devices or one that has a bad mobile experience. Failure to have a mobile-friendly website is one of the worst mistakes you want to avoid.

4. Popups

Every business wants to develop a user-friendly website. Unfortunately, they make the mistake of having several popups on their websites. When your site visitors keep getting elaborate and creative popups before they even access the primary content, they get bored and move to the next website. The mistake negatively affects user experience, which translates to adverse effects on your search engine optimization. Consequently, it is time you reassessed your company’s popup strategy; more so, if you have noticed a reduction in organic traffic.

5. Lack of a clear call to action

One of the biggest web design mistakes you can ever make is missing a call to action. You need to have a clear call to action, telling consumers how to feel, what to do and where to go. A call to action communicates to your customers the step they should take next, and it ought to be written in a persuasive command that is attached to a button or link. Additionally, avoid the mistake of getting creative with your call to action or complicating it.

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