5 Myths You Will Hear About Water Filters

Many myths and misconceptions surround modes of water filtration processes. And water filters are top of the list when it comes to water purification processes. Most times, these myths and misconceptions stem from a lack of adequate information or knowledge about the water filters.

In most instances, people ignore to get the proper education on what water filters are and how they work. It is these myths and misconceptions that are bound to make you have a false attitude on using this water filtration process. Here are some of the top myths you want to be wary of to have a better understanding of water filters.

1. High-maintenance

Many people consider water filters to be high-maintenance. But there is no truth to this. In as much as they need little maintenance, this is only always necessary at longer intervals and not as frequently as you may think. Most water filters are usually designed to have at least six months of service life. After the six months, you then have to replace them with new cartridges. So, if you consider changing your water filters twice every year to be high-maintenance, then you are probably right. But if not, then you can always maintain your water filters without much stress.

2. Too expensive

This is perhaps the most common myth that circulates water filters. The idea that water filters are too expensive is a laugh. It is, however, true that some models might be a little pricey. But most models are reasonably priced. The overall price of water filter you are looking for depends on many other factors like the brand or type of filter you intend to buy. The price of a good water filter is not necessarily indicative of its quality. As all of them filter water just fine.

3. Bottled water is cheaper

It is true that bottled water is more affordable. But this is only on a short run basis. But on a long run basis, it is actually more expensive. And you get to find this out if you compare the numbers. Just calculate the overall cost of bottled water your family consumes in one year, and compare it with a one-time water filter investment plus its maintenance costs. You will think twice about opting for bottled water instead.

4. Only experts install them

This is not true. You should note that not all water filter systems require an expert’s assistance. In fact, it is the commercial water filtration systems that require the assistance of an expert as they are slightly more sophisticated and complicated to install. However, for the filters designed for domestic purposes, you find that they are easier to install. You even find that some water filters come with DIY installation labels which show just how easy they are to install.

5. A water softener does the same job as a water filter

Not true. In fact, this is bluntly false. Water softeners may have almost similar installations as the water filters. But they work to achieve different purposes. Water softeners work only to address water hardness issues. This only means that they do not address any of the contaminants you find in the water. However, in situations where the water source is reliable and clean, and the water hardness seems to be the only pressing issue, water softeners are a great option.

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