Afghan Prisoners are Freed

operation recently freed about 40 Afghan troops from a Taliban prison in Helmand Province. this does not seem to be significant on the surface but upon further examination the wisdom of this operation becomes apparent. The Afghan  Security Forces needed a de facto victory to help to boost their confidence and morale.

A prison rescue is always a good morale builder because it lets the troops know that if they do happen to be captured they will not be forgotten. Soldiers are more willing to fight and make sacrifices when they know  that their country is standing behind them.

On the other hand this operation should also demoralize the Taliban. Prisons are normally located in secure areas. The fact that Afghan troops could get in and rescue prisoners should cause them to have second thoughts about their own security.

US Special Forces would have instrumental in planning the operation and training the Afghan forces to be able to carry it out. They would have been located in strategic places in order to help to carry out the operation. A few would have accompanied the main force as advisors to help direct the action if the Afghan leadership ran into problems. There were probably other Special forces troops monitoring communications, and assisting and advising the units which supported the raid.

Hopefully Afghan Security Forces will become trained enough to be able to conduct this and other types of operations without any US help at all.

The US has Supplied some Special Troops to Assist against ISIS


be to anyone else reading this article either. We know that the purpose of US Special Forces Troops is to train the people of a country how to rise up and fight their captors.

When Indigenous forces are trained to fight they may not be strong enough to defeat the enemy which is oppressing them, but they can certainly cause some major headaches and hinder their operations. This makes the job of the actual military force doing the fighting much easier. They trained civilians become what is known as a force multiplier because they become such an asset for the war effort.

Special Forces troops can and do perform a wide variety of missions but their primary duty is to serve as trainers.

The troops in question have been deployed into Iraq, obviously to assist the indigenous Iraqi people in their struggle against ISIS. We trained the Iraqi Army but in some cases they are having a hard time fending off the Islamic state. The training of the locals may well be the exact thing needed to rapidly turn the tide of the conflict.

The primary mission of Special forces in Iraq is to assist Iraqi and Kurdish Peshmerga forces, and to conduct raids, free hostages, gather intelligence and capture ISIL leaders.”

SF trainers typically try not to get involved in direct combat. They generally accompany the indigenous force on missions and observe. they will fight if it becomes necessary. It is extremely difficult to direct the action when you are involved in the actual conflict which is the reason they don’t want to get involved in the action.

Is Our Navy Overextended?


military are overextended to a great degree. Our Navy is no exception with the responsibility to be able to cover all of the oceans and seas in the world. There can never be enough ships, or manpower to be able to keep a lid on all of the potential threats which could happen at any time.

Commanders have to prioritize when it comes to choosing which mission to carry out because of the shortage of equipment and manpower. The average commander walks a tightrope as he juggles mission balls in the air hoping that he doesn’t allow one to fall to the ground. Higher headquarters will throw out requirements with little concern about you get it done. Many times Commanders have to cut corners in order to meet unrealistic requirements and expectations.

I know this because I served I experienced this first hand. We were given requirements that headquarters knew were impossible. They really didn’t care because if we fell through and didn’t meet the minimum the blame would be placed squarely on the shoulders of the Commander who received the directive.

When I was stationed in Fort Stewart GA we never had the equipment that we needed when we deployed to the field, yet were expected to meet mission requirements as if we had it. I was told to go out and find radios which were required according to mission authorization.

When I was stationed in Korea for example, the duty officer had the responsibility of walking the entire compound twice each night. He had to physically check each door to insure that it was locked. This was absolutely impossible and they knew it. It placed any blame which was incurred from a door which was left unsecured on his shoulders regardless of who did it. Every duty officer knew that it covered headquarters at their expense, because if something went wrong he would be blamed for being derelict.

The Navy would probably be able to respond adequately to one situation but if there were several contingencies at once we would be woefully understaffed.

How Good is the Navies New Destroyer?


When you look at the ship in the photograph here it probably makes you wonder about just what is the Navy doing with their ships right now. Newer ships look absolutely harmless, and just about nothing like the older ships of WWII but they are infinitely more deadly. This thing looks more like a floating wedge as far as I am concerned. The weaponry on modern warships is hidden from sight so if you are not familiar with their construction details you will not realize how they are designed to take care of business.

The Zumwalt is the largest destroyer which the Navy has. all of the weapons and antennas are hidden from view. The hull is shaped to deflect radar transmissions which makes it a super stealthy vessel. It can slip in on you and kill you before you have a clue as to whats happening.

The shape of the hull presents a question mark for the Navy because it can potentially be unstable in rough seas. The upside about it’s design is that it is very stealthy which is a definite plus in modern warfare.

This ship is quite a bit larger than all other warships of it’s kind yet has a much smaller crew because of it’s automation. Computer technology was utilized in designing the hull in order to address the area of potential instability. Navy experts are assured that this ship will perform well in rough seas because of this.

All of it’s technology is the latest and best to include radar, sonar, and rocket assisted projectiles. It is also powered by a quiet, efficient, reliable electric engine.

The Phillipines start to Gear up for Chinese Aggression


expansion and aggression in the area by requesting additional military equipment from the United States and South Korea. I know that they have recently received Naval equipment from the US and have secured fighter planes from South Korea. Their military has traditionally been underfunded which leaves them very much dependent on US assistance.

They have seen the increased aggression of the Chinese military in seeking to acquire land and natural resources in the area and recognize the expansionism for what it is and the potential problems that it presents.

I do believe that future conflict in the South China Sea is more than imminent because the Chinese are in desperate need of the natural resources there.

The jets are FA-50’s which are trainers which have been converted to fighter jets. They are supersonic which is an improvement to their arsenal of subsonic aircraft. They have had supersonic aircraft in the past but the F-5 was decommissioned in 2005.

Territorial disputes with China have escalated recently. The Chinese seized a disputed piece of land in 2012 which probably served as a major eye opener to the Philippines. This pushed them to scramble to acquire new navy ships and air force planes.

These fighters are not the only pieces of military hardware that the Philippines have decided to acquire. They have freed up about $936,000,000 worth of military equipment to include two frigates, anti-submarine helicopters and amphibious assault vehicles for the navy, and long-range patrol aircraft, munitions for the FA-50s and surveillance radar for the Air Force.

Thousands show Support for a Veteran with no Family


existence. If you have never been deployed on an extended training exercise and stood guard duty late at night, or been broken down in the middle of the desert waiting for support you will never understand. Every day away from friends, family, and the environment which you have come to know and love can be extreme torture.

This post is a tribute to the citizens who took the time and trouble to properly memorialize Marine Corporal Billy Aldridge. Cpl Aldridge was a veteran who enlisted in the Marine corps in 1956 and served for four years. It’s too bad he wasn’t able to witness his own send off.  Legacy Cremation and Funeral Service decided that they would give him a proper send off after he passed away recently. The original plan was to just cremate and bury his body.

His home going was a standing room only service the Lawrence United Methodist Church in Lawrence, Ind. Hundreds lined the walls of the facility and its vestibule after all the seats were filled.

Even though the staff and the Veterans Honor Guard did not personally know this man, his funeral was an emotional event. I am thankful for the service bestowed upon this veteran. Troops who have to go to war for their country are really appreciative of a population who are ready and willing to demonstrate their support.

Remember the situation of the veteran who is killed in combat. Imagine the sights, sounds, and terror of the horrible time. Imagine being grievously wounded on a battlefield halfway around the world, and the loneliness of knowing that you will die thousands of miles away from home.

If I could speak for Corporal Aldridge I am sure that he would say, thank you.

Should Women be Required to Register for the Draft


male or female should be required to register for the draft. I also believe that every American should be required to undergo military training and assigned a role in the ready reserve whether he or she serves on active duty or not. Now that is my ideal. I don’t know what it would cost, or if it would even be a feasible option.

I believe that every man and woman has an obligation to be ready to serve this country in time of crisis. I believe that this should apply to the rich as well as the poor and socially disadvantaged. I don’t agree with the 1981 Supreme Court document which excluded women from registering for the draft. I, do believe that women should be given the option of being excluded from serving in front line combat units, but they should be required to serve in combat support units.

Now please understand me when I say this. Women and men should serve in separate units as much as possible because I have seen what happens when they are placed together in units. Fraternization always occurs, which is not good at all for unit morale. I have seen many high level leaders fall because they gave in to the desire to enter into an adulterous affair with a co worker. I have seen units torn apart because of obvious favoritism shown to the prettiest woman in the unit by male leaders. The best way to prevent this, in my opinion is to keep the sexes separate.

Currently, only male United States residents between ages 18 and 26 are required to register for the military draft.

The issue of whether women should be eligible for the draft has re surged because of the fact that the military is now opening many combat jobs to females. The basis of the first Supreme Court ruling was that the draft was required to identify people to replace combat troops lost in battle. This made no sense to me because women could have been drafted to serve in support units to free available males to be utilized as combat troops.

Has Technology Outrun our Navy Troops?

x47b-truman-600x400outrun our troops in every branch of the armed services. There are so many ideas that never get to the field because they are not beneficial to more troops at a time. I have also seen many good ideas left off for funding because of the expense which would be incurred by fielding them.

I personally believe that when it comes to giving our combat troops an advantage on the battle field that we should use any and every possible means to do so. It has become evident to the Navy’s top officer that a disparity is appearing between what is available to troops and the potential of its forces.

I believe that the individual troop is not necessarily the problem causing the disparity, but rather the problem is in modernizing the delivery systems. One example of this exists with the development of the rail gun. The rail gun is a very powerful weapon which would dramatically increase the lethality of any ship or platform where it is used, but there has to be a major change of the delivery systems of any ship on which it is ti be used. This makes the price of using it absolutely astronomical.

That gap is just now beginning to widen because of technological advances and will continue to do so. One good thing is that the good fixes which can’t be applied because of cost will always be there if we ever have to go to war again. I believe that we should continue to develop our technology regardless because I can foresee the day when our Navy will need all of the help possible.

The chinese Navy has began to militarize and would be very difficult to defeat in any conflict simply because of size.

How Good is the Navy’s new Submarine Hunter?

poseidon-flares-600x400service because of the nature of the job. It requires secrecy because stealth is the biggest asset that a submarine possesses. They are difficult to locate because they remain hidden most of the time beneath the depths of the ocean. The ocean is so vast that even if they were not stealthy at all locating them would remain a problem.

The Navy has used ships to help locate enemy subs but they have discovered that aircraft are a better resource for this task since they are capable of covering a tremendous area. The aircraft want to be stealthy also because if the submarine commander knows they are looking he will utilize every available tactic at his command in order to remain hidden.

These aircraft are used for many other missions because of their stealth capabilities, so we don’t really know their overall capabilities. The Navy must be pleased with their performance because it is constructing many more of them for future service.

Each jet carries 129 devices called sonobuoys. these devices are dropped from the plane where they float and monitor sounds in the ocean to detect submarines which may be hiding in deep water or passing through the area. The planes may also be used to drop depth charges, torpedoes, and fire harpoon missiles at ships.

sailors who serve as crewmen on these aircraft are extremely confident in the ability of the Poseidon to do it’s job. The Poseidon typically has a crew consisting of nine sailors, three pilots, two flight officers and four technicians who track radars, acoustic devices, cameras and electronic communications signals.

Harrier Jump Jets are being used Against ISIS


support naval infantry. Another term used to describe the Harrier is “Jump Jet,” because it can take off and land on a relatively small runway, or no runway at all. It is being used in the fight against ISIS in Iraq, and has been a key component of the advances that the Iraqi Security Forces.

Harriers were designed to support the Island hopping tactics of naval warfare. They are able to land in and take off from small clearings which negates the need for runways. They can operate to support infantry without having to go through the trouble of constructing runways which is costly, time consuming, and leaves the workers vulnerable to enemy attack as they work.

Ground support Harriers are able to keep up with the battle so that infantry troops will have continual air support as they advance. Harriers can even remain in the clearings that they land on to be sort of a quick reaction force able to respond almost instantly in times of trouble. this saves on the extra time, fuel, wear and tear, and necessary maintenance which may be necessary should the jet have to go to a rear based carrier before returning to the battle. If the commander decides to use his Harriers as forward supplied air support he must have a logistics system in place to insure that they are rearmed, and serviced.